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Robot Invasion Wars - Shooter

Intense skill-based gameplay

The robots are waiting for you! Enter a world where the robots try to take over. Many have tried and failed. But you can be the one that stops the invasion.

Save civilians while crushing angry robots who want to hurt you. Improve your game by scoring accelerated movement, quicker reloading, extra health and more with killstreaks.

Release date: May 7, 2018 – Last update: Sep 6, 2018
Total players: 355 - Version 1.6

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Highlands World of adventures

3D Platformer Game

Join a journey in a magic world. But be careful, the danger lurks in the dark. Explore highlands to find the four missing staffs.

If they end in wrong hands it be would bad for us all. Show the evil that the faith in the good, will help you in the battle of world peace.

Release date: November 2018 - Version 1.0

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READ Robot Invasion Wars Version 1.6 - 07.09.2018

#BR# It's Friday and we just released Robot Invasion Wars version 1.6!! #BR# You will notice a few major difference in this version and we hope you will enjoy them. #BR# #BR# So what is new in R...

Robot Invasion Wars
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READ Robot Invasion Wars V. 1.0 - 05.09.2018

#BR# The first version of Robot Invasion Wars. #BR# #BR# A lot has changed since we released the game on May 7, 2018. The first version of Robot Invasion Wars did only contain 6 maps, 7 weapons, an...

Robot Invasion Wars
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